Join our campaigns

As a member of Feast and Quench your business will have the opportunity of participating within regular marketing campaigns run throughout the year. Each campaign will vary from month to month but as an example, it could include a spotlight on ‘artisan pizza traders’ within a specific part of the country and this could include premium placement on the Feast and Quench website.

How does it work?

Each month, Feast and Quench will run a number of marketing initiatives, ranging from regional and national PR, social media, influencer marketing or content campaigns that will showcase traders on our site. The themes of each campaign could focus on a specific type of food or a region or city within the UK.  At the start of each month we will offer relevant traders the opportunity of participating within these campaigns.  There will be a small cost to do so but as a member you are under no obligation to take part – the choice is yours.

Spotlight article

A spotlight article will profile an individual or group of traders and could take the form of a question and answer session much like the ones we have on our case study page. We will delve into how your business works, the food you serve and the type of customers you love to work with.

Social media

Our social media campaigns are designed to increase interest and engagement in your business. Food is the perfect social media subject and when targeted effectively, will gain likes and shares.


We’re content marketing experts with bags of experience. We’ve deployed content campaigns for many leading global brands in the lifestyle and travel space and know how to get the right content in front of the right audience.

Based on insights and current trends our content campaigns deliver results. Whether it’s a press release, a video, social media campaigns, creative assets such as infographics or parallax pages, we’ll devise the most effective content campaign to raise awareness of your business.

PR and outreach

Our PR team have built their experience working in leading agencies, managing many lifestyle and notable travel brands. Our editorial network runs across national and regional publications, online and offline, means we know who’ll be interested in the stories and news we’re sharing.


Partnering with the right influencer is an effective way of spreading news about your food and business.  There are many food-focused and food-obsessed influencers across the UK we work with.

Request more information

Send us a note outlining what you need and we’ll come back to you with an outline of how best we can help!  Please share as much information as you can.

We’ve helped traders

If you’d like to know how we helped other traders please contact us or click on the link below.