Case Study – Oink

Case study

We were thrilled to interview Oink to find out more about their delicious gourmet pork burger and bacon butty business.  They shared fascinating insight and highlighted how their business came about and some of the challenges they face.

Explain what Oink is all about

Oink London sells gourmet hand smashed pork burgers and bacon butties together with sides of fries and halloumi fries out of our stand out food truck, Percy. Our food is suitable for any type of event; weddings, birthdays, celebrations and festivals in and around London. All our produce is of high quality, our buns are baked fresh daily, our meat is all outdoor reared and locally sourced, and our sauces and relishes are all homemade.

“We wanted to bring something traditionally British but with the twist of flavours from across the world to the streets of London.”

What gave you the inspiration to start the business?

Oink London was inspired by our globetrotting adventure which led us to try various street foods from all over the world. It was whilst we were in Vietnam that we stumbled across a café that sold bacon in a variety of different ways and it was then that the concept of Oink London was born. We wanted to bring something traditionally British but with the twist of flavours from across the world to the streets of London.

What training or experience did you gain to help start the business?

Aside from countless tasting days with friends and family to decide which relishes and sauces worked best together in which butty, the only real training we had to do was our level 2 hygiene training. A lot of business advice was definitely appreciated from various walks of life as well.

What advice would you give to new traders starting out?

Signup to NCASS, they are a great support system and help with all the boring Risk Assessments and health and safety side of the business. Be adaptable to situations, the weather, your product, your working method. People want different things; from markets to private events to festivals, they are all different ways of working and need perfecting…just give it time.

How have you grown the business?

We started off selling bacon butties outside of a gazebo back in October 2018 and when we realised the cold and windy days were tough and there was room for expansion in the lunch time market we decided to grow our business by purchasing Percy our food truck.  We adapted our menu to include burgers to suit the lunch markets more and we put a deep fat fryer in the truck so that we could sell sides of fries and halloumi fries as well.

How much preparation goes into an event?

Lots, dependant on size obviously, a festival preparation is HUGE. But a small farmers market you get used to and it just becomes the norm.

“Oink London was inspired by our globetrotting adventure which led us to try various street foods from all over the world.”

What do you love about it and what are the challenges?

I love the freedom of the job and meeting so many different and varied people. I’m also passionate about the food we create and it’s so satisfying seeing happy customers. However, because of the nature of the business, you are working all day, every day throughout the summer weekends, which is not only exhausting but also makes seeing friends and family difficult. It is also very difficult to find staff who want to work those kinds of hours, so I have had to regularly call upon friends and family to help me out.

What are the challenges and conversely, opportunities your business faces?

Weather is the biggest challenge, who wants to stand in the rain and wait for their lunch and markets get cancelled but conversely when it is sunny it is your biggest opportunity…

Not to mention coronavirus, but stuff like this which you cannot prepare for really does hit small mobile food business like our pretty hard. Festivals are a great buzz of the business and can be great fun…if you prepare well and have enough staff!

“Feast & Quench will help raise our brand awareness”

What type of events do you cater for?

All events: private events, public events, charity events, sporting events, music festivals, farmers markets, weddings, birthday, celebrations, you name it, we do it.

Where do you source your produce?

We source all of our produce locally, our buns from our local bakery which are delivered fresh every morning, our mince pork comes from our local butcher and our bacon from farms in Suffolk, our salad and veg comes from our local fruit and veg market.

How could Feast and Quench help a business like yours?

Hopefully by giving us brand awareness and providing us leads through your website mainly in the private events sector.