A tailored marketing solution for your business

We have over 20 years marketing experience and have worked with major global lifestyle brands in highly competitive spaces.  Whether you’re starting your business and looking for initial guidance to get it up and running or you’re an established company that wants to elevate itself to the next level, we can help.  From branding and web development through to creating standout content campaigns, we have the expertise to help build your business.

Branding and logo

Whether you’re a new or existing business, the design team at Feast and Quench  can help you create an exciting new brand that showcases everything that’s great about your business.

From logo design through to creative assets, web design or merchandise collateral, we can you help create a unique and vibrant identity that stands out from the crowd.


Creating engaging, relevant content not only hooks potential customers into your service but also tells search engines what you’re all about. Our editorial and writing team will bring your story to life.

Web design

If you’re looking for a new, fully responsive website, we have a number of solutions to share with you.  From a bespoke designed website to a one page template, an e-commerce or brochure site, we can a build a site that fits your requirements and budget.

Our team has built sites and solutions for leading global brands and has years of experience. We’ll manage part or the whole process for you:

  • Design concepts
  • UX mapping
  • Wireframes
  • On page content creation
  • Site optimisation
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • A/B testing
  • Site migration
  • Hosting
  • On going development support


Building a glossy and stylish site is just the start, however, outranking your rivals in the search results is where businesses succeed.  A carefully constructed site, optimised with the most suitable keywords is essential, supported with relevant and authoritative content designed for the end-user in mind.

We’ll help raise awareness in the search results.

PR and outreach

A highly engaging website with great copy and vibrant images is paramount but so is traffic and views from influencers and publications. Our strong network in the lifestyle space wants to know about you.

Request a quote

Send us a note outlining what you need and we’ll come back to you with how best we can help.  Please share as much information as you can.

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