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We’re excited to offer 3 months free listing on the site.
Just checkout, complete the submission details and your business will be listed on approval.

Offer expires 31.10.2021

Feast & Quench Membership

Membership includes a dedicated page on our website where you can outline details of your business with photos and links to your social channels, as well as your website and contact details.  As digital marketing experts, we’ll do the hard work of raising awareness of your brand, bringing traffic and leads directly into your site through a variety of SEO, content and PR campaigns.

Upon sign-up, you’ll be given admin access where you can review the performance of your listing. You can also edit your details with added content and promotional offers.

Membership Prices

Get 90 days free on our Monthly Plans – Offer expires 31.10.2020.


£18 per month

Our monthly membership plan is easy to manage, there’s no tie-in beyond the month you’ve paid for and cancellation can be made at any time.

All prices inclusive of VAT.  


£180 per year

By signing up to our annual plan, you save the equivalent of two free months membership.

All prices inclusive of VAT.  

Extra member benefits

When becoming a member of Feast and Quench, you’ll be invited to join a variety of campaigns that will be offered across the year.  Ranging from spot-light articles, interviews, PR or outreach campaigns, we’ll raise the awareness of your business even further.

If you’re looking for a fully bespoke marketing approach, new branding or even a new website, we can help here too.


Want to be part of the regular marketing campaigns we run throughout the year?


Bespoke support

Looking for a tailored marketing solution to raise the awareness of your business?



All listings include contact details, photographs, information about your business and food service.
You manage directly any enquiries and subsequent bookings made. No commission is shared with Feast and Quench.

Full address details of your business including a pin on Google Maps

Full contact details including your address, email and telephone number

Up to 10 photos of your business

Full URL details of your website

For further information about your service, you can include sample menus that you typically serve your customers

Details of your social handles; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

If you have videos highlighting your business, use your YouTube link to promote your service to potential customers

Include a typical price range per cover or an indication of costs

What time does your business operate?  Give a guide of the times you prefer to work

Do you have common questions that you’re asked about your food and service?  List them here

Reviews and comments about your business is the best way of winning new business.  Any previous reviews you have can be included

Get access to your admin dashboard to review how your page is performing including the number of customer views

If you have a special event planned, you can add this to your listing page